A Career In Graphic Design

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“The illustrative art that designers create is not just another form of meaningless and formless art for the world to enjoy for entertainment and pleasure. Graphic design is a way for conceptual artist to use their creative skill to communicate a message” (Smith). What would it be like to express a message through creative art, graphics, and technology? This is the life of a career as a Graphic designer. The path to becoming a designer includes self teaching of any new software available to designers and the exploration of your creativity. When becoming a graphic designer following the path includes a degree in graphic design or a corresponding career. Although not all young designers do this, finding a professional designer to teach them will…show more content…
Graphic designers are inherently necessary to design and create many things in everyday life such as: posters, billboards, logos for businesses and events, advertisements, product packaging, and many other things (Colomy). In 2016 almost 270,000 people in the United States worked in the field of graphic design. These designers use technology to create solutions to problems that a client may hire them to solve, possibly with an advertisement. “Graphic designers combine art and technology to develop graphics for product illustrations, logos and websites” (Graphic Designers). Simply put this concise statement is what a graphic designer’s career is all about. These designers work for clients either through a design agency or as a company designer. When working for a design agency, a designer is hired through the agency and works for a company or individual on that one project. But a company designer is only working for that company, such as designing a logo for a small business such as Towpath Tennis Center. They develop that company’s brand and logo through all their advertising and design work…show more content…
Basically, to become a graphic designer, a person has to show that they are interested in and good at basic design elements. Starting in high school is extremely helpful. When designers take classes in graphic design in high school, they show that they are truly interested in the career. Colleges view these possible students as extremely motivated (Graphic Designers: Career). By the end of high school, students that have done this will have enough work that they can create a professional portfolio that showcases their talent and creativity in the field of graphic design. This portfolio is essential to the application, acceptance, and enrollment in a college, so that a student can major in graphic design. This portfolio is the difference between acceptance to or rejection from a college. Once accepted into a college’s graphic design program, a student should complete a Bachelor’s degree (Graphic Designer: Education). Essentially, college students should take courses in Studio Art, Principles of Design, Computerized Design, Commercial Graphics Production, Printing Techniques, and Website Design. Having taken all of these classes, designers will find it much easier to find jobs in graphic design, as well as succeed in their jobs after their college education (Graphic Designers: Career). After graduating from college these new designers will be extremely experienced in creating designs on their own and will have the baseline
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