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Hook:Is technology a distraction or a good thing?

Line:Technology is a distraction from kids to adults.

Argument/Claim/Thesis:Technology is a distraction because these days everyone is on there phones and it’s a distraction from their work because they can’t get off their phone long enough to get anything done.
Reason #1:Technology is a distraction because it enables students to focus on their work.

2 Example:Professor Rosen of California State University, Dominguez Hills did a study on high school students to figure out how technology is a distraction and how it affected their study habits. He found out that kids couldn’t even go 3 minutes without checking
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Two studies say we they might be. “One found that people who are interrupted by technology score 20 percent lower on a standard cognition test”. “A second showed that some students, even when on their best behavior, can't concentrate on homework for more than two minutes without being distracted by social media or writing an email. (How).”

3 Explanation:This shows that students can’t even do their homework without being distracted by their phones, laptops, ect.

Transition Sentence:Everyone likes technology but how much is too much?
Reason #2:Humans are more dependent on technology than other people. 2 Example:”According to an article1 published by Daily Mail, an average person spends 8 hours and 41 minutes on electronic devices.” During that time an average person spends sleeping for 20 minutes. In fact that people are getting more dependent on technology as time goes by (Argumentative). 3 Explanation:People would rather be on their phones than sleep. Spending 8 almost 9 hours of your day on the phone is just outrageous.

2 Example: A survey explains, “53% of people say they waste at least an hour at work every day, and most of their distractions are digital.”( Distraction)

3 Explanation:If you weren’t aloud electronic devices think of all the work that could be done in the amount of time you were
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Even the simple act of calling 9-1-1 is made possible because of technology!It is almost impossible to ignore and even harder to avoid technology’s impact in our everyday lives.

3 Rebuttal/Refuting evidence:Technology even helps when you're in a bad spot, like when you're in trouble and you need to call the police all you have to do is dial 9-1-1 and they will be on their way to help you. If you think about it technology isn’t actually that bad.

Transition Sentence: Technology might seem good at first but it's a real distraction.
Restate Argument/Claim (Thesis): Kids can’t get work done because they can’t get off their phones long enough to concentrate away from the distraction of technology.

Answer (What would happen if your argument is/is not followed: Technology is one of the biggest distractions out there. It causes accidents, late work, makes kids fail in school and breaks families apart by taking away time from each other. If we didn’t have technology we could get more stuff done in class, save lives by staying off devices while driving and bring families closer
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