Grassi Noll Summary

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Grassi Noll, a small college, has recently had problems with finances or as the college would like to call “budgetary constraints” and although the college gets revenue from the state government the college depends on tuition. To combat the financial issue, they have raised the tuition higher every year for the past five years. Grassi Noll like most schools, depend mostly on out of state tuition and in luck the college gets a lot of kids from a country called Soolem. Unfortunately, the students from Soolem don’t speak English all too well, and this matter has caused a problem within the school. American and instate students are upset that everyone in a writing class, including the students from Soolem get C’s even though they don’t speak English.…show more content…
Some professors evidently feel the need to help these students, which they should but, not just pass the Sooleem students because they don’t speak English well. The pass-fail system will not allow for professors to be biases and will show if the student really put the effort in and earned the pass. The professors should also be there to clarify lectures and assignments. At Grassi Noll, the professor said they wouldn’t be able to help because of their scholarly pursuits, which is understandable, they have busy schedules and are bound by contracts that require scholarly pursuits but, they still have an obligation to help the students if they have questions about that professor’s class and provide assistants and resources to students. With that said, just because the students sit in silence and don’t understand English doesn’t mean they get to just give a passing grade that they did or didn’t earn. Professors have another obligation to their students by giving honest and fair treatment to all…show more content…
The professors who are giving the students C’s who don’t earn them are being bias and not being fair to non-ELS students who work for their passing grades unlike the Sooleem students are just given a passing grade. The pass-fail grading system will give the ESL students a way to work to pass just like other students while non-ELS students can go about their classes seemingly like their other classes by working for the grade they earn. The ESL students won’t get to fly by class and not work, but easily pass and give enough effort to satisfy
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