Gratification In Lord Of The Flies

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In William Golding 's Lord of the Flies, Jack 's ideas are more effective than Ralph 's. They are not the brightest, but they supply the littluns with gratification. Ralph 's plans would be better for older children because they are more logical and lead to the desired result in a more timely fashion. Hence, Ralph tries to dissolve the fear by telling the boys how irrational it is. He takes a more mature stance on these issues. Jack also knows that there is no beastie, but he uses their lack of knowledge to his advantage. He wants them to stay loyal and feel like they are needed in the tribe. Jack 's bravado helps keeps the littluns calm through fear. They need a higher being to look up to and be protected by. Also, they are too…show more content…
Jack’s dictatorship’s main benefit is that it fulfills the boys needs of protection and gratification. He offers them both when asking them to join his tribe, which is why it is more attractive to the littluns: "Who 's going to join my tribe? I gave you food," said Jack, "and my hunters will protect you from the beast. Who will join my tribe?" (Golding 150). Jack is offering them protection from fear and gratification. The boys are able to have sport while catching a pig, and then receive instant gratification they need while feasting on the pig. They are all pleased with each other and their “king” because to them it seems like following their leader will always guarantee results. Jack is also sheltering the boys from the beast with his offer, which is the main drive for fear among the littluns. Later on, he sacrifices the fire and the shelters to go hunting: "There was a ship. Out there. You said you 'd keep the fire going and you let it out!" (Golding 70). Jack is so focused on the moment, not thinking a step ahead like Ralph. He doesn 't want the burden of keeping the fire going, so he decides to enjoy himself and hunt. If he had just stayed and kept it going, the boys would have been off the island already. His short-sightedness causes them to not get rescued. Jack and his tribe do not understand the importance of getting off the island. They think they will be able to survive by just hunting over and over again. In the long run, this gets them nowhere. He and Ralph quarrel over what the priority should be because of their different points of view. All in all, Jack’s tribe doesn’t have the best ideas to get the
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