Gratification Theory

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I no doubt use different types of media every day. Whether it’s my phone, computer or the radio I can’t seem to escape the media world we live in. I watch a lot of TV especially TV shows like supernatural which is an American fantasy horror TV show. This fits into the diversion aspect of the uses and gratification theory because it helps me seek relief from boredom and also because it’s entertaining. I also watch a lot of sports on TV because I enjoy it, and I like to watch sports with other people because I like to talk about what is going on. My motivation for watching sports is that I enjoy it and it helps with interacting with other people which fall under diversion and the social utility aspect. Another form of media that I use to help…show more content…
I knew media was a big deal in my life but I didn’t know how much until I did this assignment. Logging my media use really surprised me. I didn’t realize how much I rely on music to relieve me of boredom. Without music on my phone, in my car, and on the internet I don’t know what I would do to help me pass time. I also realized that I didn’t even watch a lot of TV during that week because I has a lot of school work but when I added the amount of time I did watch TV it was still a lot. That time could have been used to do homework or workout. The GPS on my phone is another big thing that I rely on a lot and I realized that it’s really important. I learned that I do check my phone throughout the day to gain knowledge and know what is happening in the world. My day without media also showed me how dependent I am in all of the media I use. It showed me that I get bored easily and when I do I used my TV, phone, the internet to help me escape the boredom. The media I used not only allows me to escape the boredom but it also keeps me up to date on events and situations that are happening. Even though I don’t text a lot of people every day having my phone gives me a sense of having the capability to reach my friends and family. My day without media made me feel powerless and isolated from the world in a
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