Character Analysis Of Lance Preston In 'Grave Encounters'

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The Traits Of Lance Preston The character Lance Preston, in the movie, Grave Encounters, had a crew and filmed an episode at a psychiatric hospital named Collingwood. Lance is our leader of the Grave Encounter crew. Lance takes his role as a leader very seriously, and he takes action without having it agreed upon team. Lance focuses more on himself and the show. He wants to provide evidence and show the world that ghosts are real and turn non-believers into believers. Walking into the hospital, Lance is fearless and determined to do anything and go out of harm's way get as much footage as possible. Lance and his team are doing this for money and the fame. Lance has a major role in his team and whatever decision is enforced to the team turns into something far to worse. He forgets that the safety for his crew is important towards the journey. He likes to put his career in front of anything else. Lance may have changed throughout the duration in the film, but he kept his motivation and determination to get him to where he wanted to be. There was a lot of motivation from Lance. Lance showed one major motive in this film, which was to get enough footage as possible without leaving. During the film, Sasha, our only female in the team,…show more content…
It did not play out exactly how Lance wanted. However, his personality was closely watched and really terrible things happened around him because of it. He was horrified by the tragedy that was happening to his crew, which slowly led to him being isolated. Lance did not want this to happen nor to the rest of the crew. Lance was a selfish leader and didn't make any of the right decisions when it
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