Gravity Movie Essay

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Mickey Ngobeni Research Question: Is the movie ‘Gravity’, according to Newton’s laws and physics in general, accurate? Introduction: ‘Gravity’ is a sci-fi, techno-thriller movie that has its plot’s setting based in space. Astronauts (main characters: Sandra Bullock as ‘Dr. Ryan Stone’ and George Clooney as ‘Matt Kolwaski’) are sent into space, yet encounter a series of events, most of which is susceptible to occur in outer space (Foogray, 2015). Questions have risen as to how accurate the movie is according to physics and Newton’s law, and many have been answered. Hypothesis: The physics according to Newton’s law and physic in general in the movie is accurate with, however, a few over-exaggerations and folliness. Definitions of the concept dealt with: The research project is used to prove and explain how the physics in the movie ‘Gravity’ is accurate with reference to Newton’s laws. Newton’s…show more content…
Space does not have any gravity nor other forces to disrupt the acceleration. He then surprises Dr Ryan and pushes her. The force he applied to her due to the speed he was coming in and the weight difference between Dr Ryan and Matt was quite large, and she was pushed quite a distance. The Second law of motion was not defied in Gravity, thus proving that the science behind the movie was well done. Newton’s Third Law: - ‘For every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction’ - (Hall, 2015). If an object (Object A) exerts a force onto another object (Object B), Object B will exert the same force back, just in the opposite direction. A finger is exerting a force on to the wall. According to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, the wall should be exerting the same amount of force, just in the opposite direction, to the finger. Usually, the force exerted by the finger will never be enough to move the wall, so the wall remains still. Figure 5 : Finger exerting a force onto a
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