'A Character Analysis Of Bartleby'

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The story of Bartleby by Herman Melville is circled around a boss and his workers, taking place at a law firm on Wall Street of New York City. “Bartleby” is also a short story that presents itself in Jane Smiley’s book, Great American Short Stories. Any form of writing has a purpose such as entertaining, informing, and persuading. For Bartleby one may find all three being used, however, there is a hidden message. The narrator in Bartleby is the lawyer who holds much interest those he has employed. He pays close attention to one specific employee because of the attitude and characters he demonstrates. Yet, he also has given his other workers much notice too and focusing on them separately and as a whole. If anything the story “Bartleby” shows much character development. Throughout the story anyone can notice the other three workers being defined in grave…show more content…
The reader gets a fairly large description of each of their aspects, even the minutiae within them. To manifest attributes for the Lawyer’s laborers, the speaker takes time to note their personalities. Starting off inside the story with one of his copyists, Turkey. It is shown in the story where the narrator has observed Turkey so knows his facial color with timings through the day, as well as his mood. For example, “Yet at the same time, made uncomfortable by his inflamed ways after twelve o’clock,” (104) and also, “One Saturday noon (he was always worse on Saturdays),” (105). This ties into the claim of the lawyer taking notice of his surrounding people to take thought into their moods. After Turkey would be the second copyists, Nippers, same case. Something the writer grasps is the way Turkey and Nippers both function through a daily routine, he takes this into a thankful consideration. Such as spoken, “Their fits relieved each other, like guards. When Nippers’ was on, Turkey’s was off; and vice versa. This was a good natural
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