Environmental Change To The Environment Essay

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1) Explain how and why human interaction has caused the environmental change to the chose environment in both countries?

Coral reefs are an environment to a vast range of different species. 25% of all global reefs have been destroyed by humans. 60% percent of coral reefs are under threat by humans. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the largest reefs located in Queensland Australia, it is hugely impacted by humans. Pollution, tourism, and mining have all had a huge negative impact on the reef. Coral reefs in the Caribbean have also been significantly affected by human interaction due to the growth of population and more people living closer to the reef. This is causing many impacts such as loss of fish and coral etc. Coral reefs in the Caribbean are slowly disintegrating due to coastal development which increases fishing, pollution, agriculture use and
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To help contribute to these human-induced changes we can start by helping reduce dredging. This can be done by signing a petition to help reduce dredging and destroying the Great Barrier Reef this is easily done and can make a huge difference. We can help become more sustainable for the reef following the sustainability plan in the Great Barrier Reef we can do this by reducing household energy use, eating locally, recycle and save water. We can also help for reducing the poor water quality in the Great Barrier Reef. We can help as individuals by keeping paved surfaces clean, wash vehicles on your lawn, reduce fertilizer use. This is effective as they would reduce the bad water quality affecting the reef and would reduce dirty water from being washed into the ocean and destroying the Great Barrier
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