Cause Of The Great Depression In Great Britain

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The Great Depression Since World War I, Great Britain was struggling to pay for the damages in that war. In 1925 Winston Churchill with the British Gold Standard Act changed Great Britain’s currency to Gold Standard. Gold standard currency is “ is a monetary system where a country 's currency or paper money has a value directly linked to gold. With the gold standard, countries agreed to convert paper money into a fixed amount of gold.” Some causes of the start of the Great depression in Great Britain were the decreasing in worldwide trade (declined global demand affected the economy a lot), economic worldwide crisis, collapse of private investment, the Stock market crash of the USA, returning to Gold Standard,and Labor government lacking control…show more content…
Also the parliament approving the Snowden 's emergency budget helped remove the budget deficit in Great Britain. B. Economic and social indicators. Read about the economic and social impact of the Great Depression in your country and answer the following table: Unemployment rate% 1929 - 2% 1932- 22 % ……. 2.5 million In the northeast parts of Great Britain unemployment was at 70% Currency Compared to the dollar $4.87 (Gold Standard) $3.69 (by this time they had already left the Gold Standard Recovery strategies These recovery strategies made things worse: They increased the income tax Introducing the means test that “determined of whether an individual or family is eligible for government assistance”. Implemented import duties to foreign goods. These recovery strategies helped to end the Depression: Going out of the Gold Standard helped the government to increase all the money in…show more content…
The Allies, (France, United States, and the Soviet Union) WHY? Great Britain and France had agreed that they wouldn 't get involved in any conflict with anyone, but Great Britain also had an agreement with Poland in which they would defend them in case of a German invasion, but then Germany attacked Poland in 1939. This resulted in Britain and France declaring war against Germany. HOW? Fronts, air force, navy, etc. The first movement Great Britain did in the war was to send the British Expeditionary Force to help rescue Allied soldiers in Vichy France. The evacuation counted with various evacuation routes, and used a total of 693 ships. B. Battles BATTLES Battle of Normandy/Operation Overlord Operation Sea Lion Who The allied powers against Vichy France who was taken over by the Germans. Great Britain and Germany When June 6, 1944 September, 1940 Where Normandy, France London,Great Britain. Details U.S., British, and Canadian forces landed on 5 different beachheads in Normandy, France. They attacked France because they were invaded by Germans and were under German control (Britain wanted to liberate France). By August 1944 Vichy France was liberated. After this the Allied powers attacked Germany to end with the Nazi

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