Great Criticism In Coca Cola

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The ultimate solution for a problem should refer back to the problem itself. This is the Fundamental logic implied in the Mathematical theory: ∀a ∈ A : a R a. By purely interpreting the notations, one could deduce the concept: all the integers “a” that belong to (∈) Set “A” has a relation (R) with themselves. In other words, binary relation R over the set A is reflexive, if every element in Set A is self-related. Overall, the notion of Reflexive Relation is constituted. While such relations as “is greater than or equal to” or “is less than or equal to” could be determined to have reflexivity, the indispensable part of the two examples is “equal to”. In other words, a matter and its manifestation are somehow shaped and connected in a loop.…show more content…
The disparate and culturally specific meaning of a similar or identical imagery in Chinese artworks is inseparable with the contradictory social context in China. Nevertheless, those non-Chinese artists, who also have been stuck in a bizzarre stance in their countries, might convey a semiotic meaning alike, as in the case of Sots Art in the Soviet Union, in comparison with the Chinese Political Pop Art. In the artwork Great Criticism: Coca-Cola by Wang Guangyi, the artist encompassed propaganda images of ‘Red Guards ’ in the uniformed Mao suits, along with the “Coca-Cola” logo to convey a sense of sarcasm towards the social context in the aftermath of the junction between the Cultural Revolution and the emerging consumerism culture in China. Interestingly enough, the composition of the artwork looks a lot like Lenin and coca cola (1982) painted by Sots Artist Alexander Kosolapov, who juxtaposed the Coca-cola logo with the portrait of Lenin, the former Leader of the Soviet Union. In the 1980s, when the artwork was painted, the communism political system in the Soviet Union collided with the western consumerism, just like the situation in China in the 1990s. In this sense, this particular circumstance seems to inspire both Wang and Kosolapov to appropriate logos with political

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