Great Depression DBQ

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The Great Depression was a time of disparity; many people lost their jobs, their families, and the will to live. Many problems arose for the people of the United States. Three specific problems that these people experienced were food shortages which which was made worse due to President. Hoover's philosophy, increased racial discrimination which led to the creation of an executive order, and economic problems for farmers which was solved agreeably. Although many people struggled during this time it also showed the determination of people wanting to get better and not giving up because of how many obstacles were in their way. First, throughout the Great Depression, many families struggled to have the necessary means of life, such…show more content…
For example, Caroline Bird says, “In Harlan County where whole towns whose people had not a cent of income. They lived on dandelions and blackberries. Children were reported so famished they were chewing up their own hands. Miners tried to plant vegetables, but they were often so hungry that they ate them before they were ripe”( Document 2). This shows the reality of how much these families struggled to stay alive, no matter how arduous it was to get through the day the families managed to keep their ambitions high in hope for better times. Another example of the struggle for food would be from H.W. Felchner that shows a photo of a massive line of people dressed in suits waiting to be fed by a restaurant ( Document 3). This photo represented that not only the poverty-stricken citizens were affected by the Great Depression, but people of all forms of social statuses had been affected by the Great Depression and were struggling to find a meal for the day. The Government took notice of the citizens struggling and decided to have Hoover make an announcement on the situation towards the…show more content…
Families had to find new ways to survive even if it meant having to resort to eating things that were not edible. One African American spoke up to the injustices being done to African-Americans, even if it meant not having the best outcome, he did not give up because it was morally right. Farmers knew that they were not getting what they needed because of the economic situation so they took matters into their own hands in order to get what they wanted. This era not only econcompasses the struggles of the people and the way they dealt with it as well as how the government partook in it, but also the determination, and bravery that occurred during this
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