Great Depression Dbq Essay

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Did you know the Great Depression was the deepest and longest economic downturn in the history of the western industrialized world?The lowest point for America where the economy was at a severe downfall.The Great Depression started on October 29,1929, ended in 1939.How America was able to overcome the Great Depression was because of World War II and big government military spending that finally broke the depression’s back (Doc.5). In these hard times for America it; was able to sustain itself over the downslide of falling stock prices and when the stock market crashed.The Great depression was one the most difficult time for Americans where there were people in severe poverty and often jobless.The causes of the Great Depression was speculation,…show more content…
Income distribution is “wages earned across a company, industry etc”(investors.words).Now how did income distribution play a role in leading to the great depression? In an article, I read that was called How to live on Forty Cents a Day (doc.7).With this, I believe the reason why this article was given this name is to show the extremity of what some people have to actually use to life off daily.In the article, it was about cotton mill owners and the workers.Which the workers family name was Gladys Caldwell.Their weekly income for their household was 10.00 dollars.Now how does this family income connect with income distribution? The money given out to families is like a widespread poverty in America that hurts big business.If only the rich people buy and the poor don’t buy they can lose their jobs cannot afford the luxuries then there isn’t money to make a profit. Which leads companies lay off workers and the laid off workers don’t have a job now They can’t buy from companies so then companies cannot make a profit. According to document 9 with the article, the poverty line for the average American family in 1929 was 1,500-2,000 dollars.The percentage of the time for most American families lived at or below that line in 1929.The connection between the documents stated earlier is the poverty was huge.Uneven income distribution helped cause the great depression because people were losing jobs
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