Great Depression Era Research Paper

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Saving money when you have a tight budget is a little more challenging than during times when there is plenty of cash, but it isn 't impossible. The trick is to take advantage of some of the methods that people used back in the Great Depression era. Read on for several of them that can help cut your spending in half. Grow Your Own Food During the Great Depression, nearly every household kept a victory garden to help sustain them when they had no money to buy other food with. And no vegetables or fruits from it ever went to waste. They were all preserved by either canning or drying them. Even though food is more readily available today, it is very expensive, so it takes up a good portion of the income in a budget plan. So it makes sense to…show more content…
Clothing was worn until it had holes in it. Then, the holes were repaired with patches. The same was done with blankets and sheets. Some women cut their sheets down the middle when they were worn out. Then, they put the good portion in the center before stitching them back together. This might sound extreme, but it saved them a ton of money. Many household items can be fixed or re-purposed into something else to get more life out of them. For example, tin cans make great organizers. And leftover tinfoil is great for scrubbing pots and pans. Barter Instead of Paying If you have any special skills or products that you can offer, you can barter them for things that you need. For instance, if you love refinishing furniture as a hobby, you might trade your services to a person who is a mechanic. That way, you can get your car fixed for free. Or the extra clothes that you can 't wear could get traded for a supply of homemade jam. If you don 't know anyone to barter with, try checking online. Many websites help connect people who want to barter for services and products. Stay
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