Great Depression Reflection

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During this project I have learned more about the Great Depression and the effects it has had on the way people lived. Specifically, I focused on how the economy was affected by the Stock market crash of 1929. While researching this topic, I learned people came up with creative ways of extending their budget, a few examples were women who recycled feed bags by turning them into clothing for their children, and creating new recipes that allowed ingredients to in multiple different recipes.
One way people stretched their budget was to recycle and reuse materials they had lying around the house. For instance feed bags were repurposed for children’s clothing to save on having to buy either material to make clothing or buying the outfits themselves. When the feed company noticed the growing trend, they starting printing fashionable designs on their products.
In addition to the recycled clothing, women
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The final area I researched dealt with the effects on President Hoover’s presidency. During his presidency there was strong opinion he was to blame for the horrible economy because he did little to nothing to help improve people situation. As a result people started to refer to items using his name snidely. An example were Hooverville’s where the homeless population lived in communities of tin structures and had no access to heat, water, or the newly introduced electricity. A few other examples included Hoover blankets, newspapers that were used as blanket, and Hoover flags, an empty pocket turned inside out. Through the completion of project I have expand my knowledge about a topic I was originally introduced during my elementary years of schooling. It has also allowed me reflect on how society life and politics have change over the course of time. Additionally, this project has me think of how I feel or what do in order to provide for my family during such desperate
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