Great Depression Research Paper

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Mental disorders have always been the main concerns of many families and psychologists. Each mental disorder has its ways and stages of development in people. Depression is one of the most dangerous mental disorders since it can lead to the depressed person committing suicide, and it has its unique ways of development. Depressed people may feel better or worse depending on the way their families and friends treat them. A lot of people try to help their depressed loved ones, but many of them end up making that person feel worse because they don 't know what 's good to say. People don 't suddenly develop depression, nor do they easily and quickly get rid of it as there is a process in each, and there 's even a process by which one can…show more content…
Depression isn 't permanent since a lot of people were able to get rid of it. First, one has to be prepared. The best way to get rid of these emotions is to know that they will come. Life has good times and bad times. Therefore, one shouldn 't let the bad times control everything in life. Second, a depressed person should stop time travelling. A lot of depressed people suffer with fear and anxiety over things that have either happened in the past or have not happened yet. The third step is to go with the flow. When the negative feelings happen, we tend to fight them. It 's much better not to fight it but go with it. It 's better to find a quite place or go for a walk while it 's happening. Finally, If a person has done all of these but none of them worked, that person needs to get help. A lot of people think talking to a spouse is enough cause they feel ashamed of going to a psychologist. That is completely wrong since it 's better and much more effective to get advice from someone who understands how our brains…show more content…
In order to help a depressed person, it 's important to understand the symptoms of depression. Seriousness of depression should not be underestimated as it drains one 's optimism, motivation, and energy. No one can suddenly snap out of it by force of will. Second, It 's important to be a compassionate listener. Being a good listener is even more important than giving advice. It should not be expected to end in a single conversation. Depressed people tend to withdraw from others and isolate themselves, so concern and willingness should be expressed over and over again. Finally, it 's important to know what 's good to say to a depressed person and what isn 't. For instance, it 's very important to try to develop positive thinking in a depressed person saying that it will all change soon instead of reminding that person that other
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