Great Depression Survivor: The Case Of Ida Anderson

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Background on Ida In this weeks article of a Great Depression survivor, a women with the name Ida Anderson was interviewed. Ida is currently 93 years old living at Sunrise senior living. She was around the age of 4-14 when the Great Depression was going on. Ida lived in Maddison, Wisconsin. She grew up in a family of 7 including her parents, with the names Bob and Margaret Anderson, and her 4 sisters. Her fathers job was a value clerk for railroad express. Ida and her sisters attended catholic schools from kindergarten to 8th grade. Ida did attend a catholic high school for two weeks, but she switched to public. I asked her why she switched and she said “I guess I was sick of sisters”. Ida lived a fairly normal childhood; she attended school and would come home and play with her neighborhood friends. She said they would often times play soccer in the street, and hide and seek. However, her parents did expect her to do chores such as: dishes and making her bed, and she would often times watch her 4 younger sisters. She explained how she had a big white house with 5 bedrooms, front porch across the front of the house, and sunroom in the back. Due to the larger size house her family had a maid. They maid would help keep house clean and would make food. Ida said she remembered the…show more content…
Although aware of the hardships people had to go through, she did see a positive to the Depression. She said “I think people were closer to each other because of being poor”. However, continuing on some points made in the previous paragraph she was faced with the word “no” a lot. She missed going to the movies and having some of those fun child hood experiences. Despite. her felling of missing some opportunities due to cost Ida keep maintained a happy and positive
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