Great Egg Drop Training Essay

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Hello my friend, I just finished the phone call with Sue and we got along very well, discussion was 505-50 and very engaging bridging personal and professional topics.
Sue advised that Heidi will be setting up a time for an audition where I can teach a topic of my own. I was thinking about of facilitating a session that I recently facilitated the Ontario Police College for a Communication Supervisor’s Course....the "Great Egg Drop." Do you know it?
My training syllabus
Goals of the exercise:
• Increasing negotiation skills
• Promoting cooperation amongst team members
• Enhancing leadership qualities
• 30-45 minutes to build package
• 15-30 minutes for the Great Egg Drop
• 15-45 minutes clean-up & debrief
Number of Participants per
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Make this fun, energetic and exciting.
Get the team member(s) to climb the ladder/stairs or designed area to drop the egg
Ask all teams to count down from 10 and have the egg dropped
Facilitator examines the egg and makes fun comments about the results.
If multiple teams-announce the winner and have all people applaud

Debrief Questions to group:
• How were decisions made?
• Who influenced the decisions and how?
• What roles did group members

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