Great Expectations Ap Language Essay

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According to the biography on Dickens, he was forced to leave his parents and to do hard work on his own in a factory. This factory work was cruel to Dickens as he was still young, and ended up influencing him greatly as the incident was not a bright time in Dickens ' life. 2. Several clues point to Pip being portrayed as young in the excerpt given, such as describing his cheeks as chubby and the fact he was still dependent on others. As a result, it is reasonable to assume Pip may have been around 10 years old. 3. The first quote, “ 'You young dog, ' said the man, licking his lips, 'what fat cheeks you ha ' got. '", specifically states that Pip is young but the additional comment on his cheeks gives a hint that he is younger than a…show more content…
The sentence still maintains the main message however not all of the synonyms keep the work flowing as well as the original did. 6. The sentence highlighted in pink uses both anaphora and hyperbole. Anaphora is used as Dickens repeatedly uses the same words, “A man”, to keep the flow going. Hyperbole is also used such as in “whose teeth chattered in his head as he seized me by the chin.” 7. The language uses in these sentences does not exactly reflect how a child would describe a man as it seems too heavily detailed. No child would likely be able to tell if a man was “lamed by stones, and cut by flints, and stung by nettles, and torn by briars.” as stated in these sentences. 8. The phrases highlighted in blue contains a large percentage of slang. There is no jargon, as there is no specific “specialized” wording. Brumgardt 4 9. Dickens ' word choice for Pip and the convict does make them seem more realistic. The use of slang and dialect in the convicts dialogue makes it seem as if you can almost hear the accent, which in turn helped develop the character much faster. The dialogue for Pip made him seem younger and easily frightened, yet still managed to stay pretty mature. Like the convicts dialogue, this development helped make the characters
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