Great Expectations Bad Character

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Being a setter in volleyball can be very difficult. A setter has to set the ball very high so that one of the hitters can get a nice hit. Often the setters make a mistake, either by setting it to the wrong hitter or not setting it high enough. Even if they make a lot of bad sets, they can still make the next one hittable. People in real life or characters in books are like this as well; sometimes they do bad things or make bad choices, but they still do some good things. In Charles DickensGreat Expectations, a few of the characters are bad people with good in their hearts. First, Magwitch has good in his heart, even though he is a convict. Magwitch saves all of his extra money for years to become Pip’s benefactor. “ ‘ Yes, Pip, dear boy, I’ve made a gentleman on you! It’s me wot has done it! I swore that time, sure as ever I earned a guinea, that guinea should go to you.’ ” (Dickens 139). Magwitch tells Pip that he has made Pip a gentleman. The convict also says that he swore to himself that every coin he earned should go to Pip. Next, after Magwitch is imprisoned, Magwitch tells Pip only to visit if he comes with Wemmick. The convict says this to protect Pip’s reputation. Lastly, Magwitch…show more content…
First, Magwitch is a convict, but still does good things for Pip. Next, Mrs. Joe tells Joe to forgive Pip, even though she dislikes Pip. Third, Pip made poor choices in the way he treated others and how he spent his money, but decided to be much kinder to Joe and Biddy and set aside money for Herbert. Even though these characters were bad, they still did good things. Sometimes people do this in real life. Volleyball setters can come back from a bad set to one that their hitter can get a kill on. Setters have a big responsibility on getting the ball to where it is supposed to go. It is very difficult to be a setter in
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