Great Expectations Blank 4

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• The Hulks were large Blank 1 (missing noun based on the bold face context clues) without masts, which had been used in battle but had been retired and fitted out for the housing of male convict 's awaiting transportation to the colonies Blank 2 ( find the word with the error and type it correctly) . These floating prisons were moored near a dockyard or arsenal in order to utilize the labor of the convicts. Most Hulks were moored on the Thames at Woolwych or at Portsmouth. The practice began in the 1770’s and continued until 1856, 4 years before the writing of Great Expectations Blank 3 ( find the word with the error and type it correctly) . Conditions on these floating jails were allegedly wretched with disease and death rampant. Despite numerous outcries to reform the system and build new prisons the British government instead continued to search for new places to send her convicts Blank 4 (a comma belongs AFTER which word?). This transportation was a common way of dealing with England’s worst offenders Blank 5 (find the word with the error and type it correctly). Convicts were routinely transported to the British colonies in America (until the Revolutionary War) and then to…show more content…
Many died during the four to six-month journey; and many more were ill or dying when they arrived in the colony Blank 7 (There is a punctuation error in sentence 7. What is the correct punctuation mark? ) . Those who survived were set to work as servants or laborers for the settlers. Some transported convicts were able to work hard save money, and become settlers themselves or return to England Blank 8 (a comma belongs AFTER which word?). Those who failed to be reformed, however, were sent to penal colonies where they were chained, whipped, and set to hard labor for the rest of their lives Blank 9 (find the word with the error and type it
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