A Synopsis Of Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

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Synopsis of Mister Pip Chapter 1 We get introduced to ‘pop eye’ or mr watts, the only white man on the island. This chapter also gives us an idea about the island, what it’s like to live there. It also tells us about society in Bougainville, and the author tells us about the division between white people and black people on the island. Chapter 2 The civil war is introduced, as well as the copper mines on the island. Her father goes off to work in Australia, but then a blockade is put up by the ‘redskins’ so her and her mother can’t go to join him. White people were allowed to leave the island, but Popeye didn’t, creating a mysterious air around him and his wife. Chapter 3 You find out the main character’s name in the first line of chapter 3, when her mother shouts ‘Ged up Matilda’. They start having school, which is taught by Mr Watts (as they now call him), and he tells them all about a man named Mr Dickens. All the children think Mr Dickens is going to be an addition to their class, and are…show more content…
When people asked Mr watts about his beliefs, he would only reply that he didn’t believe in the devil. Matilda’s mum tried her best to convince the class about faith and the devil because Mr Watts would not do it himself. One day a wounded man from the village turned up with 2 bullets in his leg, and everyone tried to help him. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, one of the local men took him out to sea and he didn’t return. Chapter 12 In class, they continued to read Great expectations, and the children started to link the events of the book to events in Mr Watts former life. Matilda saw a side to her mother that she hadn't seen before, when she spoke of an inner calm. Mr Watts and her mother continue to argue their views on the devil. Chapter
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