Great Expectations Feminist Analysis

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The primary aim and focus of the multiple critical theories is to reveal and draw attention to the various misrepresentations of events and characters that exist in literature. For example, Feminist literary criticism aims to cast a scrutinizing eye on how female characters are wrongfully portrayed and misrepresented in the literary word. Indeed, the literature of the world is teeming with works that unjustly condemn women and unfairly cast them as inferiors. To shed more light on this literary dilemma, a feminist reading of the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens may reveal some of the dubious representations of women. In the novel, the first female character we are introduced to is Mrs. Joe. From the Beginning, Mrs. Joe is portrayed to us as a domestic tyrant that takes great pleasure in harassing and physically and psychologically abusing both Pip and Joe. It shall came as no surprise, then, if one ended up formulated the most hideous opinions about Mrs. Joe as being a heartless, obnoxious…show more content…
Havisham. Miss Havisham is portrayed as a self-absorbed, eccentric, whimsical dowager whose sole purpose in life is to exact revenge on men. To achieve this sadistic goal, Miss Havisham has adopted Estella and mercilessly reared and shaped her into a destructive tool devoid from human sympathy. Miss Havisham has fallen into her current state of affairs after she was jilted on her wedding day. As a course of revenge, Miss Havisham has stopped all the clocks in the house as the same hour and moment as she received the news, kept wearing her wedding dress, and left the wedding feast as it is to rot and decay. Indeed, one can argue that Miss Havisham is portrayed as a bit infantile and immature in the way she decided to deal with her predicament. This It may even be read as an emphasis on female emotionality and how, too often, women are blind to the voice reason; thus an emphasis on female

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