Great Expectations Guilt Analysis

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All the characters in Charles Dickens’ nineteenth-century novel, Great Expectations feels regret and guilt at one point. Revenge, the act of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands. Hand and hand with each guilt and revenge work together on account of everyone that wants revenge eventually feels guilty about it later. In fact, Charles Dickens uses revenge and guilt as part of the plot all the way until the end. Raised by Miss Havisham to break a man’s heart Estella would have fallen in love with her than leaving them. Even though Estella was raised to break heart’s she eventually breaks Miss Havisham 's too. While Estella was growing up all she knew was how to make boys fall in love with her and then break their heart. Once she was older and liked Pip she realized that what Miss Havisham has been teaching her was wrong. By breaking Miss Havisham’s heart like she did to all the boys is how Estella will become retaliated with her. Nevertheless, she leaves Miss Havisham just like her husband did, but Estella; that 's when Miss Havisham decides that what she did to Pip was wrong and begged for his forgiveness. Orlick wants to make reprisal with Pip, but it eventually backfiring on him instead. In Orlick’s view Pip…show more content…
Miss Havisham wants Pip’s forgiveness when Estella refuses to love her back. Consumed with guilt when she sees Pip trying to convince Estella not to marry Drummle. When Pip hears that Estella is going to marry Drummle he tries his hardest to convince her that he is not right for her. After seeing this Miss Havisham realized that having Estella break men’s hearts like her fiance did to her did not make her feel better. So she begged Pip forgiveness also telling him that she was regretful for all the wrong she did. For instance, making Pip think that she was his benefactor and having Estella hurt him. Pip never did forgive her because it was Miss Havisham that caused him so much pain throughout his and Estella’s

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