Great Gatsby: A Fictional Narrative

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It has been a long evening waiting for the arrival of Nick. I am very anxious to hear about his night out with Jordan. I have impatiently been walking around all day waiting for my chance to speak with him. Every single light in my house was on in hope that Daisy Buchanan would notice; after all I bought this house across the bay from her so she would be able to see me. I spot Nick driving up, I am really thinking about inviting him to Coney Island for the night; it is beautiful up there and I really think he would like it. But more importantly I just need to know what came about his meeting with Jordan; I am bursting with curiosity to hear if he was able to set up the reunion. “Hey Nick, how was your night out? Are you interested…show more content…
“No really Gatsby, it is fine another day, aren’t you having a party or something, I was able to spot your house from a mile away?” “Not tonight, I was extremely bored today and was just fooling around in my house. Why is a party what you desire because I could easily invite people over its really no trouble at all?” “Ha-ha you make me laugh Gatsby, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Nick chuckled. Nick was walking away toward his house and I was very eager to ask him on the news with Daisy but I didn’t want to appear so desperate. Suddenly, I see him turn back as if he has something to tell me. My excitement comes to a peak and I feel a pit in my stomach as I prepare for the worst. Then as I feel like I cant hold back any more he says those glorious words. “I was talking to Jordan tonight and I think I am going to invite Daisy over for some tea with us.” My heart skipped a beat, after all this time I am finally going to see Daisy, the love of my life, and try to get her back. I need to stay calm and hold back these emotions. I cannot show Nick how much this means to me. When Nick asked me when was a good day I blurted out the day after tomorrow despite to fact that many preparations had to be done but nonetheless we both
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