Great Gatsby Altered Page Analysis

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Altered Page Assignment- The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby is an eminent novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald which represents how the pursuit of the marred American Dream leads to the decay of true morality. Pages 174-175, which have been illustrated, are quite significant as it provides the readers with a greater depth of understanding as to how people are corrupted, as well as how there are still a few individuals who have preserved their virtuousness. Consequently, the majority of the characters in the novel were despicable as they were using Gatsby for achieving their own desires. I chose to depict these pages in order to emphasize this ongoing theme that has occurred throughout the novel. However, this scene specifically was chosen as
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For instance, “Blessed are the dead that the rain falls on” and “Amen to that.” (Pg. 174, Fitzgerald). These two quotes have been stated by Nick and the "man with the owl-eyed glasses" who show their respect for Gatsby as they have the knowledge and understanding of the hardships Gatsby had faced. The rain droplets in the illustration are prominent in order to emphasize the appreciation Nick and the man have for Gatsby. However, as mentioned before, in many cases people did not respect Gatsby as an individual. Instead, he was only valued due to his money and what his money granted to people. For instance, Nicks sarcastically comments, "Neither could anybody else."(Pg, 175, Fitzgerald) which demonstrates his disbelief for how no one appreciates Gatsby even after he invited them to his highly-esteemed parties. Similarly, the man with the glasses states, “…they used to go there by the hundreds…The poor son of a bitch.” The man holds the same opinion as Nick. However, “poor son of a bitch” also implies to how Gatsby was solely used by several individuals to fulfill their own dreams. To elaborate, his main dream was to acquire love, but unfortunately, his money was not able to buy the love he required for
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