Great Gatsby Chapter 2 Analysis

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In The Great Gatsby,written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, three parties have taken place; the Buchanan’s house party, chapter one, the apartment party, chapter two, and Nick’s first Gatsby party, chapter three. Out of all the people that attended each of the parties, Nick relates most to Jay Gatsby. The two reasons that stood out were that both have good morals and both were soldiers in the same war.
Both Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby have good personal morals. This was seen especially in chapter two by Nick when he was at the party. “I have been drunk just twice in my life, and the second time was that afternoon.” (Page. 29) Because of his personal values, Nick, a 29 year old adult, has only been drunk a total of two times. He is also a law abiding citizen. This is similar to Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is a man who does not drink nor does he believe in being fake. He does not appear to be a fake person lying about who he is and what he does. This is seen most in his library. A
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“‘Weren’t you in the third Division during the war?” “Why, yes. I was in the ninth machine-gun battalion.” “I was In the Seventh Infantry until June nineteen-eighteen.”’ (page 47) Although Nick never realized it, Gatsby and him had seen each other before. Gatsby had connected the dots and asked Nick about it. Another connection tied into being soldiers, although maybe not written, is that they are both disciplined. Being soldiers in the war would have taken a lot of discipline and hard work.
Throughout the three chapters we have read, there have been three parties. Nick has attended all of them, as well as other people. Among those people, Nick relates most to Jay Gatsby. I think Nick’s relationship with Jay Gatsby will continue to grow throughout the book as they realize how much they have in common. If Gatsby invites Nick to more of his parties, Nick might begin to form a sort of bond, or friendship, with
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