Great Gatsby Euphemism Analysis

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Euphemism- The replacement of a cuss word or awkward situation with a term that loses its literal meaning in order to hide its original meaning.
A Euphemism is used in William Shakespeare’s play MacBeth, when Lady MacBeth says that Duncan needs to be “provided for” meaning she wants her husband to kill Duncan. This is an euphemism because she is telling her husband to kill duncan without using the harsh diction that holds a demand for Duncan’s death.
Euphony- A smooth combination of sounds in a piece of writing that gives off a pleasant tone. In J. Keats poem, Ode to Autumn, Keats uses euphony in order to derive a calming tone throughout the poem by using words like”mellow” and “moss’d”. It creates the tone of fall, calming and peaceful,
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This can be seen in Oedipus Rex by Sophocles where the Chorus explains the background information of where oedipus is left by his parents. This is an exposition because it is explaining where the story is coming from and allows for other literary devices to be used throughout the piece such as, dramatic irony.
Falling action- The part of a story 's plot before the conclusion and after the climax. The novel, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald depicts a falling action in the novel when Gatsby is killed. It bypasses the climax of the novel, the discussion between Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby and the is right before the conclusion, Gatsby’s funeral. This clearly shows the falling action of the novel signalling that the conclusion is near.
Farce- A type of drama similar to a comedy that supports conflicts over development of characters and plot meant to evoke laughter
The play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles is meant to be so overly dramatic that in some ways it is funny. That a King cannot see past his own pride and listen to the people around him telling the truth, that a mother and wife is so blinded by her denial of fates power that it just empowers fate. This makes the audience say “duh” in this time everyone knew that the gods decided your fate, that denying it was useless that the actions of the main character of Oedipus Rex seems silly thus displaying a
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