Great Gatsby Feminist Analysis

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The Great Gatsby
A feminist literary interpretation
By Veronica

In this essay, I will be interpreting the 1925 F. Scott Fitzgerald novel- “The Great Gatsby”, through a feminist literary point of view.The Great Gatsby is a whimsical tale of riches and star crossed lovers, where a well-educated young man, Nick Carraway, writes about his move to New York, where he practices the bond business. He lives in a rich district, “The West Egg”, where his neighbour, Jay Gatsby, throws large, luxurious parties every Saturday night. It is not until he interacts with Gatsby that he finds out that the parties he throws are nothing but an attempt for him to meet an old love. I will be discussing the role women have in this novel, and how women at the time were portrayed in the story.
Gender stereotypes of the time are confirmed in The Great Gatsby, and there is little variety in the way characters of the same gender are portrayed, especially women. The book is set in the mid 1920s, which were a time where women 's rights were progressing. It was the time of flappers, were women had finally won the right to vote, and were dressing and acting more masculine. Even so, there was little real change in the way they were portrayed in media and their roles in society. Daisy Buchanan is a good example of the stereotypical woman at the time. She is not a foolish woman, but chooses to act so in order to fit into society, as she realizes that intelligent women would not be as popular successful. She
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