Great Gatsby Green Light Analysis

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In the novel The Great Gatsby, the Green Light is mentioned multiple times all over the Novel. It is first mentioned in chapter one as Nick, the Narrator, portrays Gatsby standing at the end of his dock gazing and stretching his arms towards what seems to be a Green Light. It’s stated in the text that all Gatsby could see was “Nothing except a single Green Light, minute and far away.” At this point a reader can link Gatsby to the light and is also introduced to a piece of a puzzle of the Novel. This also becomes more evident when the reader continues to read the Novel; the reader also begins to affiliate the Light with Daisy because it’s shown that the light is on her dock. But the reader can not fully link Daisy to Gatsby. When you go back…show more content…
In “The Great Gatsby” Nick then wonders what Gatsby had been thinking while he had later dying in the pool. Then stating that “He must have looked up at unfamiliar sky through frightening leaves and shivered as he found what a grotesque rose..” Nick is stating that to Gatsby the rose did not have meaning to him until about his death, also like the Green Light the rose was similar to the light I. The sense that Nick did not see as much beauty in the light as Gatsby did until his death then Nick started to see what it had meant even more. Gatsby had been almost the only person in the Novel to see beauty in the light other from the Narrator because he does not count. Making Gatsby’s death ironic because it all had happen because of the ambitions and dreams he had from the Green Light. Without it he was basically lifeless so when he had lost his hopes of having Daisy he had been basically dead/gone before Mr.Wilson “George” (the husband of Myrtle who was killed by Daisy because Myrtle had been having a affair with Daisy’s husband Tom) shot
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