Great Gatsby Jealousy Quotes

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Jealousy is the root of a lot problems this is the case with F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby. In this book we will talk about how jealousy is the main factor in this topic. Consequently proving how jealous Tom Buchanan is when he is surrounded Jay Gatsby. For example, when Tom takes Nick out that one day and was showing him around the town to parties and etc Myrtle suddenly pops up and has strong feelings for Tom and they kissed each other.(Fitzgerald 32-33) Nick feels weirded out by it because, Tom has a wife who was Nick's cousin so Nick felt really suspicious but right when Gatsby and Daisy rekindled with each other, and talk about how life's been so far, Tom started noticing that daisy has been having affairs with Gatsby"when Tom saw us he took half a dozen steps in our direction." ( Fitzgerald 73) when Tom first caught a glimpse of Gatsby with Daisy he rushed quickly as he could and told daisy to explain her self. When she just told Tom she was just having lunch with Gatsby and little by little Tom would find out the truth. Another piece of this claim that I'd like to add was that when Tom found out about daisy having lunch with Gatsby and hanging around him a lot. He gets mad about but all this time he has been with myrtle making out with her and etc. I find it…show more content…
Gatsby was infuriated to the things that Tom said to him raging through his mind. While Gatsby drove in the car with Daisy Gatsby was blinded by rage because he didn't see Myrtle and hit her and she died but he didn't care. But when Tom told him that the yellow car was Gatsby Mr. Wilson found his way to west egg to kill Gatsby, Tom was so blinded by jealousy he told Mr. Wilson that the yellow car was Gatsby's so he can kill him and never have to worry about him being with Myrtle again. This claim shows how dangerous jealousy can get when people get to caught in their feelings and someone's life can be
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