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The Great Gatsby Movie Review The Great Gatsby is a romance film directed by Australian director, Baz Lurhmann and is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald 's novel. Fans of F. Scott Fitzgerald might be a little please to have Baz Lurhmann, the man who has produced critically acclaimed romance movies will be directing The Great Gatsby. Moreover, with the sparkling A-list cast consisting of Leonardo Dicaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan and Joel Edgerton. The anticipation for the movie increases with the presence of Bollywood 's legend, Amitabh Bachchan. The film was released on 10th of May 2013 in 3D and was one of the unusual films to use 3D cameras which were made for action film for a drama film. Let 's move a few steps backward in time. The…show more content…
Tobey Maguire isn 't a bad actor. He was doing great when he acted in Spiderman years back but in this film, he was not up to expectations. Casting as a naive Nick Carraway, Tobey was too monotonous and boring. He doesn 't have the look of a childlike, naive Nick. His narrations were lacking of emotions unlike the original Nick Carraway in the book. He failed to bring a great impact in this film and was an easily forgettable character. On the other hand, Leonardo Dicaprio 's performance as Jay Gatsby was up to expectations. His appearance as Gatsby was convincing enough especially during the confrontation scene. Dicaprio looked awfully impressive when he first introduced himself to Nick with the fireworks behind and 'Rhapsody in Blue ' playing in the…show more content…
Just like the dazzling, glittery parties of Gatsby, the soundtrack of this film consist of song written by famous artists such as Jay Z, Beyonce and Lana Del Rey. Sad to say, André 3000 and Beyonce 's cover are not much an eye opener. The sing was soulless and not catchy. However, Lana Del Rey 's Young and Beautiful save the whole soundtrack from falling into the drain. The song fits perfectly with the film as it talks about whether the love will last when the person is no longer young and beautiful. It was directly pointed at Gatsby and Daisy 's relationship. Will their love still the same after

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