Great Gatsby Movie Vs Book Analysis

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Fitzgerald conjures a story that provides emotions of hope, trust, friendship, love, wealth, happiness, pain, and irony. The Great Gatsby provides all of these emotions and then some. While all of the emotions are present in the book, the format the story is presented in can enhance and even disregard the sentiments that the story is trying to exhibit. This can be seen when comparing the actual book and the adaptation into a movie. The changes and similarities can be outlined by seeing how the overall plot is portrayed, and also by what the movie and book provide in terms of how the story comes across. One of the first steps to see the overall differences and similarities is by seeing just how true the plot remains while presented as a movie. In the 2013 movie portrayal of The Great Gatsby, directed by Baz Luhrmann, it mostly stays true to the overall plot of the story. In the book it is narrated by Nick Carraway and follows Nick helping Jay Gatsby reunite with his long, lost…show more content…
Especially when the major events happen. When Tom takes Nick to see his mistress, Myrtle, the moment seems more intimate do to that fact that Nick is telling the encounter through his perspective (Fitzgerald, 32-42). Whereas in the movie the moment seems more subjective being as you don’t have Nick just saying what he thinks but you also have a visual of what is happening (Luhrmann). Another example, is when you have all the interactions with Nick and Jordan. Specifically, when Nick first goes to one of Gatsby’s parties. When Nick and Jordan meet up you get a sense of interest more than you do when watching the movie which just makes it seem like they are simply just friends (Luhrmann), but in the book Nick makes it seem more like a relationship (Fitzgerald, 46-47). Now while the book provides more emotion on Nick’s behave I found that the movie provided a better picture on the emotions of the other
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