Great Gatsby Music Analysis

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The Special Function of the Music in The Great Gatsby
There are no doubts that music is an important part of the movie – the movie without music cannot be appreciated and received fully by viewers: one can see the story, but do not really feel the story. When the first movie came out it was silent, but still accompanied by piano or orchestra (Boggs and Petrie 250), so that the viewers could be really led by the storyline. Music is able to make people feel many different emotions all on its own, with the way it sounds to the lyrics of the song, however, when the plot of the movie goes in pair with the music, it can heighten those emotions to a whole different level. To make the biggest impact on the person watching, the songs picked for the soundtrack have to have the intended effect. The Great Gatsby must be accompanied with songs about love, sadness, and happiness as The Great Gatsby has all those components intertwined movie. Although music does help people better feel the mood of the scene, the music
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In the novel, Gatsby tries to convince Daisy to tell Tom that she never loved him so that they can be together, but Daisy cannot say it and mean it, so she takes it back and although Gatsby had just been rejected, he still tries to get her to be with him. The lyrics “oh my love, can’t you see yourself by my side/ No surprise when you’re on his shoulder like every night/ oh my love, can’t you see a child on my mind/ don’t suppose we could convince your lover to change his mind” (Tame Impala) describe the feelings Gatsby has for Daisy even though she is married to another man. The lyrics are saying that he wants the girl to leave the relationship and be with him so they can be together and start a family, much like how Gatsby wanted Daisy to leave Tom for him and run away together and start a family of their
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