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With the use of the Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald is saying people should not be afraid to pursue their dreams and try to obtain what they want in life. It doesn’t matter what your background is or how difficult that goal may seem. The goal you have can be possible if you have the courage to pursue it. People can come up with an enormous amount of interpretations of what the Great Gatsby’s theme is, and this is one of my interpretations because of everything an important character had to endure to be where he wanted in life. The Great Gatsby is a really well known book, and this story took place in the 1920s(Also known as The Jazz age and The Roaring Twenties).
This book is a romantical one, which showcases how a character’s feelings towards
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Gatsby’s lies consisted of claims like, “I’m a son of very people” and “I was educated at Oxford[...]it’s a family tradition.” Jay had desires and concerns like many others, which is why claiming of all those things about himself to Nick has played an important role in this story. While reading this book the readers can visualize how badly Gatsby wanted his dream to come true. Readers can also realise that he would literally do anything for a life with…show more content…
This restriction was made in January 16, 1920. The 18th amendment is what declared the restrictions on alcohol, in fact a lot of people and groups with the likes of the “Women’s Christian Union Temperance” wanted this restriction to be official because they did not trust these intoxicating drinks and believed people would be safe without it. Many could say the Women’s Christian Union Temperance had this belief of the United States being safer with this ban on liquor because of the symptoms it produces. Alcohol causes people to hallucinate, lose their sense of judgement and can also make one’s vital functions fail(And those are only a few of the effects). With this in mind, Gatsby’s reputation could have been ruined if anybody(besides Nick) found out about his business and he could have gone to jail. Even though working as a bootlegger was extremely dangerous, Gatsby earned enough money to impress Daisy with his newly bought

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