Great Gatsby Rhetorical Analysis

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By the 1920’s, cars had become a signature in celebrity homes, and was considered a luxury to have. Anyone who had money or wanted to look like they had money, also had a car. In the early years of the automotive industry, when not too many people were interested, appealing to anyone was the goal, trying to increase demand. The automotive industry quickly realized that mostly richer people purchased cars. So how could they appeal to other groups? Through the power of society and class. In The Great Gatsby, a role in society is determined by class, and even though someone may attempt to achieve a higher class, it cannot be done. The advertisement displays this theme by persuading the audience that anyone can achieve the higher class.Therefore…show more content…
The ad persuades the reader using logos, that Bentley is a luxury car right off the bat, with the big bold letters. From the text at the bottom of the ad, it is for gentleman, and the car increases quality of life. Statistics, and the style of the text block add to the appearance of the company, having higher quality products associated with it. From the cost and statistics, it can also be implied that from one simple payment, Bentley can make anyone fit into the higher class. This is used to convince the audience that they can actually achieve this higher level in society. Pathos, or the evoking of emotion, is used less so than the other rhetorical appeals. The ad can evoke adoration for the lifestyle of the upper class, through the visual of the man driving the car, as well as the description, giving them reason to buy the product. Ethos is seen the most out of the three appeals, making the company itself appear reliable, trustworthy, fancy, and simple. The simplicity of the ad doesn’t allow the audience to make any negative connotations with the company. Allowing its image to be genuine and dependable. Overall, using all three rhetorical appeals, the advertisement successfully convinces the audience that the jump from lower class to higher class can be
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