Great Gatsby Themes

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Emmanuel Cisneros Mr. Perkowski AP Lang Period 2 The Great Gatsby Themes The Great Gatsby composed by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a famous exemplification of the progressive era of the 1920’s, with its portrayal of the economic boom. Citizens began to expand their personal wealth ways not seen by the common man. The consumer market increased with new home appliances, and people had chances to live with luxury. Americans couldn’t be happier. Despite all the economical improvements, people still couldn’t achieve their aspirations, and suffered heavily attempting to obtain what they desired. The Great Gatsby follows the tale of Jay Gatsby, and adequately demonstrates a possible way of life almost one hundred years ago. Gatsby’s story notions…show more content…
His colossal amount of wealth is possibly the most accurate fact about him, but even then the average person in the novel does not actually know the background of his wealth. Leading him to be alone, especially during his parties. Nick carefully observes regular guests and sees, “girls were putting their heads on men’s shoulders in a puppyish, convivial way, girls were swooning backward playfully into men’s arms,” but he then shifts his attention to Gatsby and observes, “no one swooned backward on Gatsby,” (Fitzgerald 50). This shows to prove no matter how humongous Gatsby’s home is, no matter how much money is stashed in his bank, and no matter how full of life his parties are, he will not be satisfied without a significant partner. His own guests are likely not close to the amount of his wealth, but often are described by the author to be more content. In fact his guests appreciate his property more than Gatsby as a person, Nick noticed,” his guests diving from the tower of his raft, or taking the sun on the hot sand of his beach,” (Fitzgerald 39). The novel does not show his guests truly interacting with him, and only show up for the kinetic parties. Gatsby’s own obscured mentality of Americans approving of higher class people influences him to host large parties, but fails to realize that people do not appreciate him,
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