Great Leader In Ender's Game, By Orson Scott Card

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At one point in everyone’s life, someone has to step up and lead a group to victory. In Orson Scott Card 's book, Ender’s Game, people depended on Ender to be the best leader the Fleet ever had in order to defeat the enemy, the Buggers. Ender was a good leader because he knows who he was fighting with and against, he trained and pushed his army to the limit, and he was smart and caring but also hostile at times. One way Ender was a good leader is by knowing who he was working with and against. When Ender first got his army after he became a commander, he trained with them and later he “wrote down his impression of each of the boys in the army, the things he notice right about them, the things that needed more work,” (Card 168). This helped…show more content…
In the beginning of the book, after he was transferred into the Salamander army, Ender could not train with everyone else, so he went back to the launchies and “proposed his bargain. Free play, everyday, working hard in the battle room, under Ender’s direction. They would learn things from the armies, from the battles Ender would see,” (85). When he practiced with the launchies, the launchies were transfigure into better soldiers than they were before. This made him a superior leader because it shows how he can command a group and how good he is at teaching. Another example was when Ender first received his army, he trained them like they never had been trained before (158). By coaching his army starting with the fundamentals, he helped them ameliorate their technique and helped them learn more than they ever knew before. This made him a good leader because it shows that he could command a large group of people and is able to help them enhance their capabilities. One time, Ender told his army, “Nobody ever beat Dragon Army, either. This be your big chance to lose?” then the text added, “Ender’s taunting question was the answer to their complaints,” (192). This pushed the army to the limit because they knew that he was counting on them to win and not give up so effortlessly. This also showed leadership because it gave them confidence to keep fighting and win.…show more content…
In the start of the book, he was able to defeat the Giant in the mind game he played in battle school by attacking him in his eye. Also he was the only one who was intelligent enough to get beyond that part of the game (65). This displayed how he was smart because he was able to think outside the box and make risky decisions. Being smart made him a good leader because he could come up with creative methods to win and no one else would think of. Ender was also caring. He showed this trait when he told the Queen bugger, “I’ll carry you… I’ll go world to world until I find a time and place where you come awake in safety,” (321). By performing this act, it showed that he was caring because he is willing the search his entire life for his “enemies” new home. It also exhibited leadership because it revealed devotion and it gained respect of the buggers. Although he is bright and compassionate, he could also be hostile. One time this happened was when he first got his army. Although he treated them with respect, he was also hard on them so he could see if they would step up the game and detect how fast they can become better soldiers (160). Being hostile allowed him get this army in control. If he was nice, then no one will take him seriously and won’t listen to him. It shows leadership because it shows who was in control. Therefore, by being intelligent and nice but strict
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