Great Leaps Westward Essay

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“Indeed we must, while there is still time.” Brünnhilde accepted D’Agostino’s request. In doing so, she wanted to know about the RGA’s status in the days and weeks prior to the actual initiation of the Great Leaps Westward. Turning her attention to Paolo Santoro of the 5th of January Club, Ambrose Thornton of the 4th January Club, and Butch O’Hara of the Plaid Orchestra, she said to them, “Gentlemen, how stands the RGA’s crews and other personnel within the states of North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas? Additionally, how stands your rivals, whether they be the Underground, the FYC-YCHS alliance, hostile BUG crews, the Dominion, or any of the other factions in Brotzmanskrieg?” In addition to the areas they controlled in the months preceding the beginning of the Great Leaps…show more content…
More specifically, what the RGA was going to do next, once the Great Leaps Westward was overwhelmingly successful, and issue of maintaining a complex and gigantic system of logistics that stretches across the continental United States. In essence, one of these constructed RGA plans involved the formation of new RGA crews, which was to be considered to be the norm, after the RGA itself has gained a successful foothold over a given location. Logically speaking, since already preexisting RGA crews cannot always be everywhere at once, common sense would have dictated to the high ranking leadership of the RGA that the formation of new crews to supplement their preexisting ones was going to be needed in defending whatever they had taken. This is to be expected, since the prospect of future retaliation attempts by its rivals, remained as a very real
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