Great Moments In Sports

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In Great Moments in Wisconsin Sports by Todd Mishler I read about records for different sports played in Wisconsin. The book had some exciting moments but at times some slow moments. It was an interesting book, because I am into sports. For instance, I liked reading about basketball moments but not moments from track and field. My thoughts on this book had its ups and downs, but overall was a good book. In the book it takes about records from the state of Wisconsin. This book was split up into eleven sections. First, it starts out by talking about Nascar. In this section it talks about Alan Kulwicki and Matt Kenseth. Second, the book combines stories from America's pastime (baseball) and softball. The River Valley Blackhawks Softball team from the 1980’s was mentioned in this grouping. Third, the book…show more content…
I wish it was in just one area instead of around the state. This made me lost at points in the book. This also made me try to figure out where this was in the state, but it took place manly outdoors. This made me feel like I was either at the point he was talking about or was watching it on tv. He made it as though it was in the past but also happening right now. I enjoyed the writing style of the book. I enjoyed it because I like learning about sports records. It also intrigued me to see that it was written in a article form. This made the book unique but still felt like a newspaper. I believe he wrote like this on purpose because he was a writer for many newspaper. His training in journalism helped him write in this unique style. I did not like the fact that the book was predictable. I could just kind of predict that it was going to keep talking about a certain sport or moment in Wisconsin sports history. I disliked this fact because it was bland to always know what was going to happen. I felt like each selection was overstated and needed to have a twist in the section to improve the
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