Great Movie Characteristics

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The people of these days have access to a lot of ways to watch movies. Whether it’s going to the movie theater or watching them at home, everyone sometimes has a spontaneous thought to watch one of their favorite movies. While there are many great movies out there, the one they choose to watch is most likely going to be more eccentric than other movies. Most people have some movies that they never get tired of watching again. All of the best movies have traits and characteristics that make them better than normal movies. One of the most important things that makes a movie great is how memorable the characters are. A movie that a lot of people enjoyed and still enjoy is Star Wars. This movie has many different characters that stay in the minds…show more content…
One of these movies is the Incredibles. This movie’s plot is easy to follow and understand for most kids. This movie also has a really good story that makes adults excited for the sequel. This movie’s good plot and easy to follow story, makes this movie rewatchable and enjoyable. The next movie that demonstrates good and easy to understand plot is Cars. Again, this is a kids movie with a good story and plot. This movie was loved by the people who watched it, so they decided to make two sequels to it. What makes the movie great is the way the story keeps people wanting to see what happens, and even when they already know. The last movie that portrays these traits is Toy Story. This movie was loved by kids everywhere. It had an amazing story, and was easy to understand by anyone. The story kept kids watching to see what would happen to their favorite toys. The story was just as good in the second movie. The easy to understand plot let the audience to actually know what was going on in the movie. These movies’ easy to understand and good story, kept the audience watching and rewatching the movie. They also were good enough to have sequels that had as good of a plot as the one

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