Great North American Circus Research Paper

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"Step one, step all to witness the Barlow 's Great North American Circus. That includes world-famous acrobats, bare back rider, and many more great attractions. If you want to go to the this circus it is only 25 cents and half off for kids.

The poster on the pole was surronded with people as the read about the famous Barlow 's Great North American Circus was coming to town. People believed that out of any where to pick to perform they picked this town. Everybody was surprised because in this town there is barely any people and the people who actually live here, live in poverty. The only people who would be able to go to the the circus would be the people would be the the rich people in this town who 's business is actually sucesful. " Can we go mom, please." said kids that were surronding the pole. " I dont know honey it is a lot money that we just dint have." answered one Mom. There circus was in three days and everybody was upset as they left the pole with the poster because the most famus circus is coming to town and they wouldnt be able to go. "Dan." said Christopher "we should buy tickets and do to the circus." "We cant," said Dan " We dont have any money to go to the
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"I know you are not going to like this idea," said Dan "My idea is that we are going to try to sneak into the circus." " i dont know about that Dan." said Christopher. "Trust me," said Dan "Come over to my house today so we can figure out a plan."

As Christopher was walking towards Christopher house he had butterflies in his stomach. Christopher approached Dan 's
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