Great Ormond Street Hospital Case Study

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The project involved advising KPMG’s client “DEF” who was intending to get into a Joint Venture with “ABC” to provide healthcare services in the Middle East. In this assignment, KPMG’s advisory team was required to do a Due Diligence on “ABC” with special focus on Financial issues and Market Reputation and provide a report highlighting key issues in these areas. This report will then be used by “Great Ormond Street Hospital(GOSH)” in their decision to whether go ahead with the Joint Venture or not.

The final result of our work resulted in highlighting few issues in the financial areas and guidance on statutory requirements. As part of our report, we do not specifically advise the clients to either go ahead with the Joint Venture or not (due to risk minimisation). The report only
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Group Overview

The group is family owned and consists of three operating entities as presented in the structure chart. The ABC Group combines 108 hospitals, a further 33 healthcare facilities and nine associated clinics in three subgroups under its umbrella. It has an international investment in 30.73% share capital of Athens Medical Centre clinic group, Greece.

ABC group was founded in 1984 by Dr. Bernard gr. Broermann who is the sole shareholder. Over the years, the Group has made a number of investments and acquisitions in healthcare entities to increase its market share.

Information for this report has been sourced primarily from the group website and publically available information.

The information used in this report has been accessed from the ABC group website. The information is primarily sourced from the annual reports of the group for the period ending 31 December 2013 and 31 December 2014..

As part of our analysis, we have done some Google search and accessed Capital IQ database to support our findings, however the information is primarily sourced from the above mentioned annual
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