Great Reforms: Alexander II And Alexander III

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Conclusion The essay clarifies that reign or Alexander II and Alexander III were the periods when deep crisis of ruling dynasty started. Their politics were not consistent. On the one hand Alexander II started “Great Reforms” and maintained the system by introducing “soften” laws, but on the other hand Alexander III disapproved such way of ruling and implemented rigorous reforms, while society expresses the opinion that “Great Reforms” implemented by “Tsar Liberator” were not enough and they demanded deepening of them. At that time new ideas were born, Marxism getting popular in Russia and Tsar Alexander III just killed or imprisoned rivals of the system. The Tsar could not realize the point that it was possible to kill persons but it was not possible to kill ideas, then tsar did not draw attention on educational politics and continue ruling of the country by conservative methods. At the same time situation was changed, new challenges were faced by new theorists of new ideas which later were the basis of revolutionary movement. None of the last two tsars estimated the threat of terrorism and its influence on the system, Alexander III and Nicholas II could not learn on the mistake. From 1867 to 1897 industrial growth took place in Russia but it did not affect on the status, or living condition of the working class. Economic problems, nonexistence of peasants rights, inappropriate condition of living and workplace and other reason made the Russian peasants solid soil for

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