Nicholas II Miscalculation Analysis

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Register to read the introduction…In the beginning of 20th century, dismissal of Witte, overestimation of power of Russian troops, underestimation of capabilities of Japanese troops and later war against Japan, which triggered social classes to start revolution inside the country, was a turning point for revolutionary movements to win. After the revolution in 1905, Nicholas II had the possibility to make the situation better for dynasty, while after the election of the Duma in 1907, Bolshevik party was in crisis and Lenin opposed Aleksandr Bogdanov, but the Tsar could not use that moment for the good of the dynasty. One of the examples of Nicholas II miscalculation was aggressive politics toward non Russian society (which was approximately 57% of the…show more content…
This trends show how the dissatisfaction of society increased despite the high economic development in Russia, especially during the last decade of 19th century and in the beginning of 20th century. It is the sample example of ruler who could not learn on mistakes, but on the other hand it is not right to blame Nicholas II because of his miscalculation. Opinions of Alexander III about future ruler were mentioned above which of course had impact on Nicholas as the future ruler of the country, also “Alexander did almost nothing to prepare his son for his future role as “autocrat of all Russia”. Nicholas never learned to deal with ministers or politicians, he never gave a speech, studied diplomacy, or grappled with national policy. In short he never developed the qualities of statesman.” From my points of view, the turning phase in the life of Romanov dynasty was the reign to Alexander III, the tsar who did not realize political environment in the country like his father did (when he promulgate the emancipation edict). Alexander II actions mostly were based on the personal emotions of the tsar and not on rational calculations of the circumstances. Also while accessing the “portrait” of Alexander III as a ruler
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