Great Seal Meaning

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The Great Seal of the United States is an emblem and a national coat of arms created by our founding fathers in an effort show other countries that America is a free nation and is heading into the future strongly. Along with the seal came a motto. It reads, “ E pluribus unum.” Translated, it becomes, “Out of many, one.” This idea reflects the meaning of what it means to be an American. It means despite so many people, so many ideas and differences, we can still come together under one nation, under the same rules of order and morals and create one country. This motto describes the beauty that is our nation.
The necessity in dissecting the meaning of American identity is relevant on a few levels. First, we would have the ability to show whether
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Nowadays, the USA are the symbol of democracy, freedom, and justice. Being and American means that you should, (even if we don’t now) always have the right to marry whomever you love, be in charge of your own body, and be your unique self. When America was born, the colonists were not fighting for an empire or a single person. They were fighting to give their sons and daughters (and ours, too) the freedom to live happily and in control of their government and lives. Being an American means we have a duty to uphold their beliefs in freedom, as well as our beliefs in equality.
To sum up, I believe being an American does not only mean living within the boundaries of the United States. I believe it means defending our country and its future whether it be in army fatigues of at a voting booth. I believe that as an American, we have the responsibility to continue to think and educate to improve our ideas and remind ourselves of the past so we can move forward. Most of all, I believe that as Americans it is our responsibility to protect one another and treat each other with the same dignity and respect we want. It is our duty to continue to work for equality for all
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