The Great Seal Research Paper

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The Great Seal reverse side is known as one of the great american mysteries. What is the Great Seal used for? The Great Seal is used on very important documents and the U.S dollar bill. Also, the design of the Great Seal is just one of the great amazing stories. There are many of the points of view about the symbols on the great seal. The Great Seal is used in different ways and it has been used a very long time. The Great Seal is just one of the symbolizes of the United States of America.

Design of the Great Seal
The Design of the Great Seal is one of the most interesting parts of the Great Seal. It all started in 1776 when continental congress wanted a symbol to represent a new nation. Continental congress then selected a design committee to create a seal and that committee included Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. According to they had little knowledge of heraldry. So they hired Pierre Eugene Du Simitiere to work with them and help bring each of their visions of the design to life. Du Simitiere had been in the United States for thirteen years. He had taken on West Indian life and lived in New York City where he collected and researched before moving to Philadelphia in 1772.

According to Benjamin Franklin design is described like this, “Moses standing on the Shore, and extending his hand over the
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For the reverse side of the seal: Hengist and Horsa, two brothers who were legendary leaders of the first Anglo-saxon settlers in Britain.” According to John Adams design might of sounded like this, “The Painting known as the Judgment of Hercules, where the young Hercules must choose to travel either on the flower path of self-indulgence or ascend the rugged, uphill way of duty to others and honor to
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