Great Serpent Bound Research Paper

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Intro What is the Serpent Mound? The Serpent Mound is an effigy, or a mound made of earth and stone. The formations most often look like animals but some can be human shaped. (1) The effigy measures around 1,417 feet from the tip of the tongue/snout to the tip of the tail. The width is an average 22 feet across. The height has changed over years due to restorations but they measure it today at around 4 feet. (2) The Mound is located in Peebles, Ohio at 3850 State Route 73. The Mound is protected and maintained by Arc of Appalachia Preserve System today after partnering with the Ohio History Connection .(3) History Great Serpent Mound in a recent photograph with the oval or "eye" of the serpent at the right. Overlooking Brush Creek in Adams County, Great Serpent Mound now belongs to the Ohio Historical Society and, as Great Serpent Mound Park, is open to the public. Image courtesy of the Ohio Historical Society. "Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History." Great Serpent Mound. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Dec. 2015. In 1886 a Professor named W.H. Holmes published an account of the Serpent. He also had published a carefully made sketch to go along with his account agreeing with Mclean’s findings he published in 1885. Holmes had his attention drawn to this resemblance of how Indians view of such mounds in the words: “Having the idea of a great serpent in the mind, one is at once struck with the remarkable…show more content…
The Fort Ancients have left a star studded mystory for us to solve, unsure if it’s a comet tribute, was casued by an impact, or was just made to track the stars. Only more time and searching will tell. I can say one thing for sure in this mess of theories, I’m adding this site to my list of places to visit this summer. It’s so close to home and has so much wonder. I would love to get to see it up close and

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