Great War Diary

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It was the year of 1918 and the Great War was ending. My brother was coming home from the war and I was allowed to quit working at the factories. When my brother got home he ran to the house and began telling stories of the war. We later ate dinner and he went off to bed. Mother and I heard someone talking near his bedroom so we entered his room and he was having nightmares about the war. Mother was perplexed and did not know what to do. The next day had begun and we told my brother of his nightmares. He was surprised but he then said, “The war causes many people to have nightmares.” We went on about our day and greeted people home from the war and that day we had heard horrible war stories. I tried cheering my mother up by telling her that at least America was a leading power now but that didn’t work. She was upset throughout the whole day. All my mother thought about was how bad my brothers nightmares were each night. The next day we went to the doctor to see if there was a cure for his horrid dreams but the doctor told us was that we couldn’t…show more content…
He was working for a big company and he had bought him a house on the same block as mothers house. It came around the time of my brothers birthday and on that day he turned twenty-four. A year had passed by and by that time he met a lady and they were married. They then had a little girl. My brothers life began to look up. He had two children in total. As for me I started my own clothing business and lived a happy life with my two children and dog. The war caused my family many hardships but we stayed strong through it all. My mother died at the age of ninety-seven, she lived a great life. My brother and his family are living a happy life and his nightmares have disappeared. My business took off and became a large company. Let’s just say that when life gets dark you just have to keep trudging through to that little light at the end of the
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