Greater East Asia Coprosperity Summary

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1. The beginning of Greater East Asia Coprosperity
The term Greater East Asia Coprosperity is a program to be a nation of Asians where in it is free from western powers and is lead by the Japanese. This started during the World War 2. Japan started to become a stronger nation. This idea of Japanese cultural superiority over Asians expanded in the late nineteenth century and grew in intensity. This lead to many writers to write books and articles trying to explain to their country that they have the potential to lead Asia. They started to think that they had the confidence to lead Asia so in their thought they needed to gather the whole Asia and create one whole nation. Now because of this economy was really something they needed to consider. They need raw materials and supplies in order for this mission to succeed. They did this so that they would be able to ensure the self sufficiency of Japan.

Now that they have the supplies needed to achieve
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The end of Greater East Asia Coprosperity
Continuing with the story, ( This was after the World War 2) after colonizing some countries the Japanese gave them to do hard work ,torturing them. This was something the other Asians did not expect so some really rebelled against this new order. Some were trying to call for help from their previous colonizers like us with the Americans. So things were getting out of hand ,and countries start to disappear from their hold until most of the Asian countries were free. Japan signed an instrument in a sign to surrender on USS Missouri in Tokyo Harbor in September 2, 1945.

In result of all these, the Japanese were embarrassed of what their country did. Turns out they were not trying only to free them from western powers but also trying to abuse that power trying to take over ,and trying not to share that power. This leads to the abuses on other countries. We have to be glad that the Greater East Asia Coprosperity ended because who knows what will happen if it did

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