Greatest Actress Of All Time: Katharine Hepburn

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Imagine being one of America’s greatest actresses of all time. For some, the stardom feels pretty amazing. But it would take a lot of work to rea to the top, and only a few actresses have been known to do that. Katharine Hepburn did a lot to achieve the title “Greatest Actress of All Time.” Katharine Hepburn was born in Hartford Connecticut. As a young child, Hepburn liked her hair cut short and called herself Jimmy. She often joined her mother, Katharine Martha Houghton, at her Women’s rights demonstrations. Her mother’s independence and strong views on women’s right influenced little Hepburn. She, along with the other children were raised to use their freedom of speech, and to debate on any topic they wished. Katharine Hepburn’s father, Thomas…show more content…
For a short period, specifically after Bringing up Baby, she was labelled “Box Office Poison”. Although that movie had good praise, but nonetheless not successful in the box office. Her reputation was at a new low. RKO proffered her a role in a B-Movie, titled Mother Carey’s Chickens. She turned down the offer, and bought herself out of her long-term contract. With her own personal wealth, Katharine Hepburn had enough to be independent at this point. After starring in Holiday, which was also a complete flop, she left Hollywood to find an interesting stage play she could join. She eventually signed up to star in The Philadelphia Story, a new play by Phillip Barry. However, she bought the rights for the film before it could even make an appearance on stage. The play had begun touring the U.S, got positive reviews, ran 417 performances, and it was so successful it got a second tour around the U.S. A lot of very good movie companies approached Hepburn to produce a movie version of the play. She decided to sell its rights to MGM, which was Hollywood’s number one studio at the time. But for a price --- She had to play the star. Hepburn also wanted to choose the director she
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